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The Green
Economy Coalition

The world’s largest alliance inspiring a transition to green and fair economies.

  • Connecting people
  • Communicating change
  • Influencing decisions

What We Do

We exist to accelerate the transition to green and fair economies.


We make bridges between business, civil society and government. We stimulate debate, dissent and dialogue. We build collective positions with our members.


We tell the stories of change. We track the transition. We bust economic myths.


We champion the voice of the excluded. We challenge the status quo. We hold decision makers to account.

What Makes Us Different

Our Voice:

Our members represent poor people, workers, environmental organisations, faith groups and small businesses as well as international institutions. Together we are inspiring a movement for change from the ground up.

Our Mission:

We are excited about the opportunities that a green economy offers everyone. But we insist that this transition benefits people, particularly the poorest, and that it is guided by ecological limits. This transition must be green and fair.

Our Model:

Economic reform is too big to be tackled alone. We are new type of institution that wires together multiple organisations into shared positions and collective action.

Our Impact

A Growing Movement:

Our membership has doubled in five years. We are a growing movement of over 50 organisations that share the same vision.

Making it inclusive:

Our network has successfully widened the agenda of international organisations to focus on the inclusiveness of green growth models.

Our Themes

There is no single green economy. This is a transition that will be rooted in local and national contexts. But, what we do know is that there are five essentials for getting there. Read more about The Big Picture

Valuing Nature

Without nature there is no human life, there is no economy. But nature rarely features in government and company balance sheets. The Coalition is ensuring that nature has a voice in economic decisions.

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Tackling Inequality

We know that fairer economies are more resilient but they also have a smaller environmental impact. Our members are ensuring that poor people, informal workers and marginalised communities are being heard by economic decision makers.

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Greening Economic Sectors

We see that a new industrial revolution is transforming our energy, food, transport, and infrastructure systems. We are supporting innovators and small businesses to develop tomorrow's green solutions.

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Reforming Financial Systems

We know that the current financial system is the biggest blocker to achieving greener, fairer economies. The Coalition is leading a global campaign for the reform of the financial markets.

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Measuring & Governing

We see that our institutions and reporting frameworks are not fit for grasping the opportunities and risks of the near future. We are working to align corporate and national reporting systems with the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Our Members

The Green Economy Coalition is a diverse set of 50+ organisations from around the world representing a range of sectors, NGOs, businesses, research institutes, UN organisations and trade unions.

Although we are diverse, we are all united by the same vision. We know that green economies are possible, necessary and desirable.