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One Nature Institute

OneNature was founded during one of the most heartbreaking and chaotic years in living memory: 2020. OneNature has a vision for a brighter, happier future – a future where all people, animals, and the planet live in a state of well-being, happiness, and interconnection. In this future we recognise that we must live on a thriving planet with flourishing wildlife, and we realise that all of us are part of the same global community. When we damage one another, other creatures, or our planet, we damage ourselves. However, when we care for each other, we invest in our own happiness, the well-being of other life forms, and the sustainability of our earth. We know that some individuals and communities are already living this reality while at the same time that the larger society and systems are falling apart in order to make space for something better.

OneNature will help get there by working on three integrated focus areas: data-driven research, holistic community projects, and transformational systems change.


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“As we take stock of the social, environmental, and economic crises in the world today, it is clear that our current way of life and the systems we have built to sustain it are inequitable, unsustainable, and economically precarious. The pandemic has made it clear that connecting with nature and animals is an essential aspect of human happiness and fulfilment. Recovering from these crises will require building on these newly rediscovered sources of happiness.”

Beth Allgood

Director, One Nature Institute

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