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The Green Economy Coalition is governed by a Steering Group which meets every two months to decide on strategic and management issues, and is coordinated by a small Secretariat hosted by the International Institute of Environment and Development in London, and by Finance Watch in Brussels. Learn more here, or read our privacy policy.

The Steering Group

Aban Marker Kabraji

Regional Director, IUCN Asia

Aban is Regional Director for IUCN Asia, overseeing 15 countries and more than 70 wide-ranging environmental initiatives. She has 30 years of experience and leadership raising awareness on gender, culture, and the sovereign dimensions of conservation. Ms. Kabraji is visiting Professor with the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.

Moustapha Kamal Gueye

Coordinator, Green Jobs Programme, ILO

Dr. Moustapha Kamal Gueye is Coordinator, Green Jobs Programme, at the International Labour Organization. Kamal's career spans senior roles at UN Environment, the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development, and the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies in Japan, and is currently a visiting lecturer at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva.

Thibaut Portevin

Policy Officer - Green Economy, DG DEVCO, European Commission

Thibaut leads DG DEVCO's SWITCH TO GREEN flagship green business programme, and manages EU support to relevant initiatives, including the GEC. Thibaut previously led on forestry and climate change with the EU Delegation to Indonesia, and worked with several international NGO programmes. He holds master’s degrees in business and development.

Zeenat Niazi

Vice-President, Development Alternatives

Zeenat Niazi, vice-president of Development Alternatives Group, has over 26 years’ experience in the social and environment development sector. In the last decade, her work has extended to design and coordination of low carbon development strategies for the central Indian region of Bundelkhand and coordination of climate change adaptation, action and communication, knowledge management and knowledge dissemination for promoting national and global sustainable development strategies.

Andy Norton

Director, IIED

Dr Andrew Norton took up the position of Director of the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) in June 2015. His career has spanned research, academic and development institutions, focusing on issues of poverty, inequality, participation, natural resource governance and climate change. As Director he is working to amplify and strengthen IIED’s core messages on climate action, social and environmental justice, and helping poor people to achieve greater voice and more resilient livelihoods.

Steve Bass

Senior Associate, IIED

Steve works with IIED and GEC on sustainable development, focusing on institutions, dialogue and diagnosis for inclusive green economies. He is known for poverty and environment work including ESPA, the WAVES project and the UN PEI. Previously, Steve was Chief Environment Adviser at DFID, and a fellow of the Rockefeller Foundation.

Oliver Greenfield

Convenor, Green Economy Coalition

As Convenor, Oliver provides the GEC’s network leadership, enabling people from diverse institutions to work and influence collectively. Before GEC, Oliver spent 7 years enabling stakeholder change leading WWF’s Sustainable Business and Economics work. He previously worked in corporate strategy advisor with Booz Company and the BBC World Service.

Holger Schmid

Director - Switzerland/Sustainable Economy Programmes, MAVA Foundation

Holger is responsible for the implementation of the MAVA strategy for Switzerland, the Sustainable Economy Programme, and jointly manages MAVA’s overall project portfolio, including global projects. Holger previously worked for WWF in the Mediterranean and in Mongolia, and holds a Master’s degree in biology from Bayreuth University in Germany.

Steven Stone

Chief - Economics and Trade Branch, UNEP

Steven has over 15 years of professional experience in environmental and natural resource management and a PhD in Resource Economics from Cornell University. Prior to UNEP, Steven worked for the IDB in Ecuador and Honduras, and worked on capacity building, technical assistance and natural resource investment in Jamaica and Brazil.

Peter Poschen

Professor – Environmental Governance Program, Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources, University of Freiburg, Germany

Peter is now based in Freiburg, Germany. He previously served at the ILO working in some 35 countries, including as country director for Brazil (2015-2017), director of the Enterprises Department (2009-2015) and coordinator of the ILO Global Green Jobs Program (2005-2015). Prior to joining the ILO in 1986, he served as a volunteer in Ethiopia.

Mike Wilson

Executive Director, Smart Prosperity Institute

Mike began his career as a lawyer, before moving into senior policy roles in the Canadian government working at the intersection of the environment, economy and innovation. Mike has a firm belief that 'green' and 'growth' can go hand in hand and a passion for making that happen. 


The Secretariat

Emily Benson

Director of Engagement

Emily manages the GEC's external communications as well as stakeholder and outreach strategy. As lead on many of the GEC's published reports, Emily is author of the GEC's external voice and positioning. Emily was previously Head of Communications and Engagement at Stakeholder Forum, and initially worked in documentary-making as a researcher and producer.

Oliver Greenfield


As Convenor, Oliver provides the GEC’s network leadership, enabling people from diverse institutions to work and influence collectively. Before GEC, Oliver spent 7 years enabling stakeholder change leading WWF’s Sustainable Business and Economics work. He previously worked in corporate strategy advisor with Booz Company and the BBC World Service.

Chris Hopkins

Policy Manager

Chris works on the GEC’s public policy and project implementation, having joined the GEC in May 2014. He works on green economy policy, sustainable economics and climate ethics, having spent 5 years as a freelance journalist in the energy sector. Chris holds BA and MA degrees in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) from the University of York.

Ben Martin

Comms & Publications Manager

Ben joined the GEC in May 2017 to help grow the reach and impact of our work, bringing experience of climate comms, publishing, editorial, and policy advocacy gathered during his years working with MPs around the world on climate & energy legislation. Ben has a MA in Social & Political Science from the University of Chicago, and a 1st class hons degree from Oxford University.

Catriona McLean

Project Manager

Catriona's expertise includes project design, management, monitoring, evaluation and learning methodologies and processes, particularly in climate-resilient sustainable development; the nexus between climate, environment, gender and poverty/development; proposal development, institutional fundraising and grant management. Before joining the GEC in 2017, Catriona worked for WWF-UK coordinating implementation of a portfolio of programmes in Africa, Asia and South America; international development organisations and the Scottish Parliament.

Najma Mohamed

Policy Director

Joining the GEC in August 2019 from the International Labour Organisation, where she led work on green jobs and the just transition, Dr Najma Mohamed has previously worked for the UN Partnership for Green Economy and the Development Bank of Southern Africa. Author of "Sustainability Transitions in South Africa", Najma’s role is ensuring our GEC policy work goes to the next level of clarity, working closely with our global network partners and our country hubs, and leveraging her knowledge of what economic policy works in country.

Stuart Worsley

Dialogues Director

Stuart joined the GEC in July 2017 as the Director for Country Dialogues, and leads the coalition’s dialogue work around the world. With 27 years working for development agencies, Stuart has extensive expertise in facilitating system wide change for development. He has lead organizations and programs that address change in agriculture, natural resources, water and sanitation. Stuart is co-author of "Navigating Complexity in International Development".


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