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Tracking transition: The Green Economy Tracker
Our flagship analysis platform for green economy policies around the world, benchmarking 41 countries across 21 metrics and 6 themes. How's your country rated?
The problem

The climate is crashing
Biodiversity is vanishing
Democracy is degrading
Disease is spreading
Inequality is rising

Our economies are fundamentally flawed. They create wealth for the few, at the expense of the many. They drive climate change and mass extinctions. And they prioritise consumption over sustainability.

We need something different.

The Solution

We need a green economy.

An economy in the service of life - one that puts people and the environment first.

Our economies are not set in stone. They can be upgraded, overhauled, transformed. And positive change is already happening around the world - building economies that are fairer, greener and more resilient.

The Green Economy Coalition exists to accelerate this inclusive and sustainable transition. We work with our partners around the world to give citizens a voice, hold governments to account, and drive real economic change.

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Green Economy Dialogues South Africa

Our core objectives

Our response to the challenges of climate, biodiversity, equality and development is guided by two fundamental goals:
Zambia Green Jobs
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Our impact so far

Founded in 2009, we are the world’s largest movement for green and fair economies

We have built an international network of charities, businesses, citizen’s groups and civil society, united by the Principles of a green economy. We've launched national dialogue hubs across 4 continents, shaping national policy & tracking the transition from Mongolia to Peru. And we have mainstreamed the idea of a just transition – one that builds a liveable green future for all, not just the few.

We are a diverse coalition of +50 organisations from around the world

Our members include trade unions, businesses, NGOs, UN agencies and citizen’s groups. All are united by the belief that green and fair economies are possible, necessary, and achievable.