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Learn how a green economy can restore prosperity and nature.

Our Projects

Explore our current and past projects that bring our members together.

Economics for Nature

We use nature because it is valuable - but we lose it because it is free. As long as our economic and business decisions remain blind to nature, we all risk a future of fields of wind turbines turning on a dead planet....
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Change Finance

More than a decade on from the global financial crisis, our banking system remains as flawed and dangerous as ever. Financial markets continue to drive systematic instability and social inequality. Investments continue to flow to unsustainable, carbon-intensive industries. And banks are still failing to account for the damage their investments do to our societies and our ecosystems. We need someth...
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Measure What Matters

Politicians and investors all too often think only in terms of profit and GDP - but these narrow metrics don't account for ecological damage, social inequality, or long-term sustainability. In order to build the green economies of tomorrow, we need new tools to measure success...
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National hubs

We're working together with local civil society groups around the world to explore out what works in different national contexts, design locally relevant campaigns, and develop new green economies from the bottom up....
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Past Project: GreenEcoNet

Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of our economies: in Europe alone they account for 99% of businesses. SMEs tend to be more innovative, flexible and diverse than their larger counterparts. They have the potential to unlock the transition to a green - and more inclusive - economy....
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