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Tracking transition: The Green Economy Tracker
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Strengthening societal demands for green and circular economies

At the start of 2024, we're proud to launch a new multi-year programme, funded by the European Union, that will invest to strengthen civil society voice in countries of the global south towards a fair, green economy for all.

Our current economic systems are tightly geared around narrow visions of economic growth and ignore important societal returns from ecosystem health, human well-being, and fairer income distribution. Simultaneously, citizens across the globe are self-organising to protest rising inequality, economic instability and political disillusionment arising from the complex intersection of climate change, geopolitical fragility, resource constraints and technological change.

This action works to foster collaboration, partnership, and momentum to enable a fast, fair and sustained transition to an inclusive green and circular economy. It aims to build social demand for inclusive green and circular economic reform; tell the story of change through new framings, narratives and outreach; influence policies and institutions, incentivise investment and inform global actors; and grow new networks of civil society and build communities of practice united around economic reform.

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