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Presentations from the GEC Global Meeting 2021

All the slides and powerpoints from our Global Meeting 2021: "Code Red for Nature and Planet"

By GEC · 30th November, 2021
Simon Matzinger 320332
Image credit: Simon Matzinger on Unsplash

Day 1: Code Red for Nature & People

Overview & Agenda

Day 2: Inequality

Libelula - Economia Verde Peru: Overview
Najma Mohamed (GEC) - Social Contract

Day 2: Dialogue Partners

Development Alternatives - India
Caribbean Natural Resources Institute - Caribbean
Foro Nacional Internacional - Peru
Trade & Industry Policy Strategies - South Africa

Day 3: Greenness of Stimulus Index (GGGI)

Sustainable Recovery Efforts in Developing Countries
Green and Climate Finance Options to Support the Green Recovery
Measuring the Greenness of Recovery Measures

Day 3: Nature

Juha Siikamaki - IUCN
Gitika Goswami - Development Alternatives
Najma Mohamed - GEC
Martin Lok - Capitals Coalition

Day 4: A Fossil-Free Recovery (IISD)

Five Principles of Fossil-Free Recovery
Achieving a Fossil-Free Recovery in Indonesia
IISD's Green Recovery work: An overview

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