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Learn how a green economy can restore prosperity and nature.

Tackling poverty with green economy

The Green Economy Coalition is working together with local civil society groups around the world to explore out what works in different national contexts, design locally relevant campaigns, and develop new green economies from the bottom up.

We know that reforming our economies starts with people, not policy documents. This transition needs to respond to people's lives - to their realities, their worries, their hopes - if it is to go to scale at speed. It needs to be relevant at ballot boxes, shop counters and job centres. It needs to be rooted in local experiences and national contexts.

We are working with local partners in 7 countries and regions around the world. Together with their own networks of activists, researchers, policy makers and local business, they are inspiring national conversations on economic reform. What does green investment mean for small companies in the Caribbean? What does growth within ecological limits mean to an economic power-house like India? What job opportunities do renewable energies offer the poorest in South Africa?

Published 1st May 2018
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