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GEC at the World Circular Economy Forum 2022

How can recognition and policy support empower local green enterprises as important agents for green economic transition?

By GEC · 31st October, 2022
Wcef2022 social

8 December, 15:00 – 16:00: Central Africa Time

Don't miss our Accelerator Session at the 2022 World Circular Economy Forum!

Local Green Enterprises in East Africa are already adapting and evolving towards circular and green production of goods and services in response to changing climate, unsustainable resource use, pollution and ecosystem decline. The Green Economy Coalition hubs will lead a panel debate that will examine MSME solutions to create better policies, improved governance and social equality, across the fields of alternative energy, waste recycling, and ecosystem services. The session is aimed at policy makers (across the intersection of finance, planning, local and municipal government, environment), financial service providers, local government, small business support practitioners, civil society representatives, and MSME representatives.

The event will be held at the EU Pavillion in the Marriot Hotel, and online.

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