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Senegal Green Economy Barometer 2018

Gecbarometer Covers Senegal

The Senegal Green Economy Barometer, published by regional NGOs IUCN Senegal and IED Afrique and supported by the Green Economy Coalition (GEC), is a detailed analysis of the state of the transition to a sustainable, inclusive economy in this biodiverse and rapidly growing West African nation.

The Green Economy Barometers are detailed yet accessible reports into the state of national green economies around the world. Each one focuses on a country or region and is produced in partnership with our local dialogue partners, utilising local expertise, connections and understanding to produce a holistic review of policy and practice. The barometers explore where governments and citizens stand on crucial green economy issues, assessing existing legislation and ambitions across key areas including equality and inclusion, green finance, sustainable sectors, and protecting nature and biodiversity.

Published 25th Dec 2018
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