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Youth-led Solutions for a New Eco-Social Contract

It's no secret that youth are often excluded from policy-making spaces and ignored by leaders. We're aiming to change that.

By GEC · 20th March, 2023
Katie rodriguez c00 X Nt Wgde U unsplash
Photo by Kate Rodriguez / Unsplash

Webinar: March 22, 2023 01:00 PM CET

For decades, global campaigns consisting of youth climate strikes, advocacy for gender equality, parliamentary protests and civic sit-ins have accelerated the fight for a just world. This mobilization has often been led and organized by teenagers, students and young adults. However, ongoing social, political and economic tensions are exacerbating inequalities worldwide. In this context of intersecting and overlapping crises, global youth-led movements are reemerging stronger than ever.

Co-hosted by UNRISD and GEC, and as part of the activities of the Global Research and Action Network for a New Eco-Social Contract, this webinar convenes brilliant young minds for a just and equitable future. It is no secret that youth are often excluded from policy-making spaces or that their solutions to building fairer and greener societies are little known and underfunded. Here, young practitioners and youth leaders co-create a community practice to discuss innovative solutions to the opportunities and challenges ahead.

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