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We're striking for climate

September 20th 2019

By GEC · 17th September, 2019
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Dear friends & partners,

Just a quick note to let you know that the GEC will be out of the office on Friday 20th September, to take part in the global #ClimateStrike 2019 - shaping up to be one of the largest coordinated global protests in history. Our website will be striking too - as part of the Digital Strike - so you won't be able to access our normal site on Friday.

Our work on the green economy is vitally important - and trying to catalyse systemic global economic reform keeps us very busy! - but we believe firmly in the power of citizens' movements to effect real change. In fact, it's one of our core values as an organisation. So we know that our time on the streets this Friday, making our voices heard, talking to protesters, and demanding change, will be time well spent.

We believe that protest has a vital role to play in achieving the green and fair economy that the world desperately needs. Millions agree. We hope to see you on the streets.

- The GEC Team

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