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New green shoots in Africa

By Kate Berrisford, Green Africa Directory Guest Author · 06th September, 2012
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Africa, with its relative abundance of natural capital, reliance on biodiversity and ecosystem services for basic needs, infrastructure requirements, vulnerability to the impacts of climate change, growing population and urbanization rates, and political flexibility - is well-positioned to reap the benefits of transitioning to a green economy and could serve as a new model for sustainable development pathways.

The green economy provides an innovative response framework that offers financial, environmental and social benefits – placing countries that are able to readily green their economies, at a marked advantage. Inspiration examples from across the continent show the green economy in action and have the potential to be scaled up, replicated and embedded in national economies.

New online ‘green hub’ for Africa showcases green organizations and initiatives

The Green Africa Directory is a newly launched online green network for Africa that showcases organizations and initiatives that are contributing towards green pathways and sustainable solutions for Africa.

Over 1000 organizations are currently profiled in the Directory and categories ranging from ‘Climate Change and Carbon’, ‘Green Building and Design’, to ‘Community and Networks’ are divided into over 200 themes aimed at making the directory searchable and easily accessible. The Green Africa Directory positions itself as a green hub for news and information – listing green events, green jobs and tenders, green competitions and other useful resources.

Examples of green African organizations profiled in the Directory include:

  • Kusamala Institute of Agriculture and Ecology, which is a training and demonstration center that promotes environmental sustainability, food security and improved nutrition through permaculture and agro-ecology in Malawi.
  • GreenTech, a company that produces and sells fuel briquettes made from groundnut shells that would otherwise have been dumped as waste, for cooking and heating, in The Gambia.
  • Nature Seychelles, which is an award-winning NGO in the Western Indian Ocean that leads exciting and change-making programmes including species and habit conservation, monitoring, research, island restoration, climate change adaptation, eco-tourism, awareness and stakeholder action (Seychelles).
  • The Climate Neutral Group, which helps businesses reduce and offset their carbon emissions, towards a low-carbon sustainable future, in South Africa.
  • Blue Ventures, an award-winning marine conservation organization dedicated to conservation, education and sustainable development in tropical coastal communities, in Madagascar.

For more information, visit the Green Africa Directory.

Kate Berrisford, Green Africa Directory


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