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Event: Measuring What Matters

By GEC · 27th January, 2012
Javier M 80140
Photo by Javier M. / Unsplash

If there is one thing that will come out of the UN summit on sustainable development (Rio 2012) in June it will involve metrics. 

The call for more robust and integrated corporate reporting; the proposal for alternative national metrics ‘beyond GDP’ that measure environmental and social wellbeing; and the proposal for global Sustainable Development Goals are at the top of the global agenda.

Metrics matter.  This agenda has the potential to be transformative. 

But beyond the general agreement on the inadequacies of GDP or the need for high-level global sustainability goals, what is the latest thinking on each of these agendas? How might each of these conversations going on at the corporate, national and global level inform one another?  Are we all on the same page?  These are some big questions that require some big discussions. 

The Green Economy Coalition will be gathering a panel of experts from the corporate, national and global arenas to give us the latest on these top agenda items in preparation for Rio 2012. 

We need your expertise.  We need your voice.  

Come join the debate at 7pm on February 15 for Measuring What Matters (7pm – 9pm) as part of the Green Economy Debate series. 

International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)
80 – 86 Gray’s Inn Road
London, WC1X 8NH

Please note the space is very limited.  You will need to RSVP to reserve a place:

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