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A contextual financial analysis of green MSMEs in Uganda

Small businesses play a huge role in Uganda's economy, but are often underserved by financial institutions. Our report examines why

By ACODE Member · 26th January, 2022
Adam Cohn

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) dominate Uganda's economy. They play a pivotal role in production and supply chains, value addition, technology transfer, development and innovation. MSMEs, underpin the country's competitiveness, employment, income and wealth creation and if greened and well harnessed, they have a big potential to facilitate transitioning to an inclusive transformative growth trajectory.

This new research report, undertaken by the GEC's Uganda partner ACODE, aims to contribute to a better understanding of sustainable financial architecture and how it affects the activities and priorities of LGEs in Uganda. It is hoped that the report will guide informed discussions at local and national levels and feed into the development of sustainable finance policy instruments, laws, support systems and standards that improve investment climate for LGEs and consequently promote the greening of MSMEs.

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