Institutional setup & governance

Green Economy Coalition 6Th Global Strategy Meeting Scaled
Members at a GEC global strategy meeting

The Green Economy Coalition is a network of +50 charities, NGOs, think tanks, private firms and unions, co-founded in 2009 by the IIED, IUCN, UNEP, and WWF. The network is governed by a Steering Group, which meets every two months to decide on strategic and management issues, and is coordinated by a small Secretariat hosted by the International Institute of Environment and Development in London. The network convenes in person once a year at the annual GEC Summit.

The Steering Group is responsible for guiding the overall direction and overseeing the affairs of the coalition, and reports to members of the coalition. The Steering Group is guided by its agreed Terms of Reference.

The Secretariat is tasked with delivering on the coalition's strategy and works in coordination with members to fund and deliver projects in support of the global transition to inclusive, green economies. If you're interested in learning more about our work, do get in touch.

Steering Group minutes:

Steering Group minutes for the years 2009 - 2015 are available on request.