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Inclusion Matters

“In the shift from brown to green economies, ‘inclusion’ is not a nice to have: it is core to the transition. Participatory dialogues have accelerated and enabled a fundamental change in policymaking.”

This paper documents the stories of seven civil society-led national and regional dialogue processes in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. Each story describes how people – small and informal enterprises, women, local communities, marginalised populations – have been able to get a stake and have their say in green economic policy processes, and offers new evidence of how social inclusion has driven more transformative policymaking. It draws together this experience and presents overall policy insights, lessons and recommendations on how people’s values, priorities, and capabilities can best shape green economy policies.

The paper is designed for:

• Practitioners and governments tasked with driving sustainable development policy;

• Civil society organisations seeking to inform policy and investment decisions;

• Business leaders looking for practical ways to engage with local communities and national governments;

• Researchers and academics focused on green and fair economic transition pathways;

• Funders supporting inclusive and participatory green economy policies.

Published 22nd Oct 2020
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