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GEC Network Vision 2016 - 20

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Despite all the science and research, current political and media discourses are still dominated by assumptions that environmental and social issues are secondary to economic growth; that GDP growth will trickle down to the poorest and protect our natural systems; and above all, that there is no alternative way of managing our economies. Only by developing alternative, compelling and inspiring narratives that speak to different people will transformation take hold.

The transition to green economies is underway but in an early adoption stage. The parameters of green economy and the actions are clear to us but they are not held by powerful institutions, most governments or understood by most people.

As the largest global civil society green economy alliance, we believe transformation requires us to be the guardians and champions of the fundamental principles of green economies: environmental limits, equity and inclusion.

This document, produced in dialogue with our partners, network members and steering group in 2016, lays out our pathway to growth and impact in the four years to 2020.

Published 1st Feb 2016
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