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Tracking the Green Recovery: system change or business as usual?

Our roundtable webinar explored whether calls to ‘build back better’ from COVID-19 are matched with real policy commitments

By Emily Benson GEC · 28th April, 2021
Adam Cohn

One year on from the global pandemic, what is the status of the green recovery? Which countries are realigning their economies to safeguard nature? And what lies beyond stimulus packages?

Over the last 8 months the Green Economy Coalition and our partners around the world have been rating and evaluating national efforts to build back better from COVID-19.

On 28th April, we hosted the first of a series of roundtables to share our analysis as we expand our Green Economy Tracker to cover the COVID-19 response, and discussed how we can mobilise our respective networks to urge decision makers towards more progressive policy efforts.

Our analysis considers the social dimensions of green stimulus, and also looks for signs of deeper structural green economic reform. It also builds on existing COVID-19 recovery datasets and analysis by fellow civil society organisations and researchers.

During the roundtable we shared the results from the 20 countries we have tracked so far including glimpses of transformative policies underway in diverse contexts, but also some worrying evidence of how countries in the global south risk being locked into a brown economic future post COVID-19 unless urgent action is taken. Together we discussed how we can collaborate and join forces across our different networks to drive a greener, fairer recovery agenda.


  • Opening & welcome – Oliver Greenfield, Convenor of the Green Economy Coalition (5 minutes)
  • Tracking the Green Recovery: Insights from Green Economy Tracker – Chris Hopkins, Policy Manager, (GEC) (20 minutes)
    • What is the status of the Green Recovery?
    • What signs are there of deeper structural economic reform?
  • Roundtable discussion – Chaired by Emily Benson, Director of Engagement, (GEC) (30 minutes)
    • What do these insights mean for different stakeholders?
    • How can we collaborate to urge decision makers towards more progressive policy efforts?
  • Wrap up & next steps - Oliver Greenfield (5 minutes)

You can watch our latest video on the COVID Recovery – let us know what you think, we always really appreciate feedback. And do check out the updated Green Economy Tracker – our shared civil society led tool benchmarking how policy-ready nations are for a green economy.

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