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New opportunity: The biggest story yet to be told

We need you to help us tell a new story of transition - one that will give hope & inspiration to achieve lasting positive change

By GEC · 13th August, 2019
Nong Vang 9Pw4 Tkv T3Po Unsplash
  • If advertisers were selling a more sustainable future to the mass public, how might they do it?
  • If film-makers, musicians, poets, storytellers, and journalists were tasked with making a sustainable and just economy resonate with their audiences, what would that look like?
  • How can the vision of a new economy - one that protects people and restores the planet - start to feel real, relevant and desirable to the average citizen?

Two global networks working on economic transformation – the Green Economy Coalition and the Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll) - have come together because we and our partners recognise that as the inequality and environmental crises have started to take hold there is no public narrative for the way out of the crisis.

Our ambition is to tell the story of transition to a better economy, and we want to convene, inspire and onboard some of the best communicators out there to tell this story. By ‘communicators’ we mean everyone from the commercial space – marketing, advertising, social media, public relations professionals – to the cultural space – film makers, script-writers, musicians, artists – to the media – journalists, bloggers, writers, photographers and so on.

Although both the Green Economy Coalition and WEAll are global in scope, we plan to pilot an approach in the UK (more on that below under Scaling Up) - and defining key messages and audiences will be key.

We know that our mission to convene communicators to help ‘tell the biggest story yet to be told’ is bold and will take time and resources, but we need to start somewhere. We have some initial ‘seed’ funding to kick-start our approach -- we hope this will activate further contributions from funders and industry as we get underway.

That’s where you come in.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for an exceptional person based in the UK, to help us get this challenge started. This person/organisation will know the media / marketing / comms world intimately and is happy to draw on those contacts. This person/organization is:

  • Very well connected in the ad / marketing / cultural space
  • Skilled in developing compelling briefs that would appeal to communication professionals and industries
  • Confident to convene and lead sessions
  • A big and bold thinker able to take this idea as far as it can go
  • Experienced in identifying the right audiences and executing delivery of campaigns.

For more details, background, and instructions on how to apply:

Photo by Nong Vang on Unsplash

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