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Senegal hosts the first 'PAGE Week' in support of local green economy

By Member · 11th December, 2015
Bobbi Le Ndiaye Flickr
Traders sell their wares in a market in Dakar, Senegal. Image: BobbiLe Ndiaye / Flickr

The UN Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) held its first edition of PAGE Week on 17-18 November 2015 with the main aim of providing a platform for exchange and sharing experiences on the transition to a green economy in Senegal.

The first edition of PAGE Week, hosted by the Government of Senegal, was attended by over a hundred participants from the Government, the National Assembly, the Economic, Social and Environmental council, local authorities, civil society and the private sector. The participants gathered to discuss policy frameworks and strategies to stimulate action for a green economy in Senegal.

Representatives from various organisations welcomed the event and emphasised the relevance of green economy for different reasons. ILO Director-General Guy Ryder, on behalf of the five UN agencies behind PAGE, emphasised on his introductory speech the importance of issues related to the transition to a green economy for inclusive and sustainable growth, green industry and the creation of green jobs in Senegal. Representatives from various departments welcomed the event and emphasised the relevance of green economy for different reasons. 

Senegal’s Minister of the Environment and Sustainable Development pointed out that green economy is operating in the country. He also noted that green economy is not limited to the environmental agenda as it covers all segments of the economic, social and environmental arenas in Senegal. He concluded by emphasizing the role of PAGE in creating synergies between all initiatives that contribute to the promotion of a green economy in Senegal. These were a reference to the statement of the President of the Republic of Senegal, according to which "green economy must be part of a growth momentum, social justice and poverty eradication, since the aim is to break a vicious circle in which environmental degradation is both a cause and consequence of poverty". 

More specifically, the 1st edition of PAGE Week Senegal aimed at:

  1. Validating a National Strategy for Promotion of Green Jobs;
  2. Sharing a programme to support the creation of green jobs, green job opportunities;
  3. Validating and sharing the results of various studies commissioned by PAGE;
  4. Presenting and disseminating of national experiences in promoting the green economy and related best practices;
  5. Identification of areas of collaboration among stakeholders;
  6. Adopting recommendations for developing a roadmap for future actions of PAGE.

For further information on the 1st PAGE Week Senegal, please visit the main PAGE site. 

Image credit: "Dakar, Senegal" (CC BY-ND 2.0) by BobbiLe Ba Photography

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