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Green Economy Barometer 2016

By GEC · 24th October, 2016
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Image: Jacob Surland / Flickr

Are we protecting our natural resources any better? Is financial system reform really underway? Are peoples lives improving? 

Every two years, the GEC takes the temperature of the transition greener economies as part of our Green Economy Barometer series. Drawing from our members work and perspectives we describe some of the key changes we are seeing across the globe, and we also report on some of the obstacles and opportunities. 

In the Green Economy Barometer 2016, we find that: 

  • The transition to greener economies has moved up a gear.
  • The transition has tipped towards developing countries. 
  • Sector 'hotspots' have emerged. 

But we also see that the transition is not broad enough or deep enough. 

  • Most green economy national plans continue to focus on sectors rather than broader economic reform.
  • Too few strategies assess the impact of green growth policies on the poorest and marginalised. 
  • Green technologies and opportunties are not well adapted to the poorest countries or communities. 
  • Numerous natural and social capital accounting methodologies are being developed but their impact so far is limited.

Find out how the GEC intends to respond at the end of the report.

Do you have something to comment or add to the Green Economy Barometer 2016? Contact us. 

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