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IIED unveils exciting plans for Rio+20

By Member · 06th March, 2012
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GEC founding member, IIED, will be hosting a major international event in Rio over the weekend immediately before Rio+20, and would like to talk to organisations interested in being involved. It will take place 16 - 17 June, Pontifícia Universidade Católica (PUC), Rio de Janeiro.

Solutions for a sustainable planet’ are ones that improve lives and livelihoods and make them more resilient.  The weekend event will showcase the expertise and perspectives of practitioners and researchers across the world, provide space for dialogue on current and emerging challenges, enable alliances of willing actors to share learning and explore how they can work together towards agreed goals, and present recommendations for action drawn from IIED’s 40 years of work on sustainable development.

Main themes:

  • Development with a low footprint
  • Strengthening local voice and agency
  • Shaping business models for sustainable development
  • Urbanisation that improves lives
Call for Participation

IIED are inviting applications from organisations interested in joining them. There is opportunity for partner organisations to input to major sessions in the main auditorium (700 capacity), to organise open or closed sessions in a number of different sized spaces, and to reach a large audience coming to the event, including potentially major media interest.

In terms of organisation, IIED are looking for partners to work with them on four main elements

1. to get the right mix of speakers in sessions to ensure a useful dialogue that works for your objectives as well as contributing to the overall themes of the event
2. to generate Rio-focused analysis and media materials, to promote your work and the event – and also to help position all organisations involved for whatever comes out of the summit
3. use your networks and media connections to publicise the event, to engage as many participants as possible
4. help with funding, which could include a contribution to overall venue costs and the costs of bringing Southern participants to Rio

More details at

Please contact Tom Bigg or Kate Lines as soon as possible to discuss your ideas if you are interested in getting involved. If you would like to attend as a delegate, registration details will be available on the website by mid-March.

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