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This week in the green economy

By Ben Martin GEC · 10th November, 2017
Yann Gar
Image: Yann Gar / Flickr

All around the world, the movement to build fair, sustainable economies is gaining momentum. Every week we round up the most insightful stories from the front lines of the green economy transition - covering development, energy, technology and politics. If you've got a story you think we need to know about, do get in touch!

  • Delhi is choking under an air pollution crisis at the moment, with smog equivalent to smoking 50 cigarettes a day. There are already political ramifications which look likely to intensify - a spur to greater ambition on emissions?
  • Interesting one, this: the Trump White House decided to release, uncensored, a big government report that finds human activity is overwhelmingly responsible for climate change. The impact on US policy might be minimal - but it further strengthens the case for action
  • Malnutrition – which encompasses both obesity and hunger – affects nearly every country in the world, and a major summit in Milan this week pledged more money to tackle the issue
  • Renewables news:
    • A new world record for low solar prices in Chile – just 21 USD / MWh. For comparison, the average price per MWh for US coal generation is 95 USD!
    • Cape Verde have an ambitious target for 100% renewables by 2025 – and they’re well on their way to getting there
    • Oil and gas workers from North America’s boom & bust oil sands regions are upskilling to work as renewable energy technicians, thanks to a new worker’s initiative called Iron & Earth
  • Damian Carrington had a good piece in the Guardian this week on the 7 global megatrends that are cause for hope on climate change
  • One province in Pakistan has already planted a billion trees inside 2 years, and the campaign is now aiming to go nationwide
  • Ghana and the Ivory Coast have drawn up new plans to stop new deforestation driven by illegal cocoa farming
  • And the UK has backed a total ban on bee-killing neonicotinoids, making an EU-wide ban much more likely. 

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