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Global Study on Eco-Social Contracts Launched

Former President of Costa Rica Carlos Alvarado Quesada speaks at launch of our Global Study on Eco-Social Contracts

By Jean McLean GEC · 31st August, 2023
Carlos Alvarado Quesada Keynote Address Eco Social Network
Carlos Alvarado Quesada Keynote Address to the Eco Social Network

The Green Economy Coalition and UNRISD today launched a Global Study on Eco-Social Networks as part of the Global Research and Action Eco-Social Research Network. The report contains examples of eco-social contracts that are being implemented as well as visions of how they can be developed.

As part of the launch event, former president of Costa Rica Carlos Alvara Quesada shared his experiences of introducing Costa Rica's world leading Decarbonisation Plan and his insights into re-negotiating eco-social contracts.

His keynote to the network called for an "ocean of togetherness" and highlighted the importance of narrative as we move to depolarise communities for a more just transition.

While negotiating with empathy, making decisions from togetherness and for future generations is critical for leadership in this space. He was clear that decarbonisation was essential and that governments and businesses will move not just because of that and the ethical imperative but for competitive advantage.

Carlos Alvarado Quesada Quote
Carlos Alvarado Quesada Eco Social Contract Quote

The report has 14 papers from authors across the world highlighting, diagnosis and exploring the potential and the progress of eco-social contracts. Different sectors, ideas, countries are included in this study giving a diverse snapshot of developments in this space from constitutional reform in Nepal, socio-environmental governance in Brazil, to social work people's assemblies and the UN.

Eseosa Joy Sowemimo quote
Eseosa Joy Sowemimo Eco Social Contract quote

The papers have a number of cross cutting insights such as the importance of inclusion, intersectionality, inter-generationality, supportive structures and broad partner engagement.

Nkosikhona Sibanda Quote
Nkosikhona Sibanda Eco Social Contract Quote

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