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Green Economy in the Mediterranean workshop

By Eco-Union Member · 01st July, 2016
Thomas Ashlock 235992
Image: Thomas Ashlock / Unsplash
On the 20th July, eco-union and MIO-ECSDE are hosting the final workshop of the Med GE 'Green Economy in the Mediterranean' project in Tangier, Morocco.

The programme, launched in partnership with the Green Economy Coalition and MAVA Foundation, will culminate in the published report entitled ‘The State of Green Economy in the Mediterranean’.

If you are interested in attending, please contact for further information.

The Project

The Mediterranean region is one of the most sensitive and vulnerable social, cultural and environmental hotspots on the planet. Yet current economic practices and policies primarily follow conventional development models that result in depletion of natural resources and externalization of negative impacts. Unlike these traditional economic models, Green Economy (GE) promotes a more inclusive and environmentally friendly development at global and local scale, that recognises the economic value of our natural capital and the associated goods and services, while internalises negative impacts and costs. If correctly applied to the complex and unique Mediterranean context, this approach can lead to a balanced economic development within the ecological limits of the region, while reducing social inequalities and improving quality of life throughout.

The Tangier workshop

This workshop is the final project event where a few and select Green economy experts and sustainability leaders from Mediterranean countries are invited to discover, discuss and refine the study outcomes. The pool of knowledge and experience provided by the participants is valuable to the wrap-up phase of the study. Previous to the workshop, a high-level round table on Green Economy will be organized during the MEDCOP22 (18-19 July 2016) in which Med GE will participate and could be considered as a launching of the reflection process. For those of you who are going to be at MEDCOP22, please inform us so that we can keep you posted on developments.


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