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Update: Multi-stakeholder regional dialogue in the Caribbean

By GEC · 04th September, 2012
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Photo by Ishan @seefromthesky on Unsplash

The Green Economy Action Learning Group (GE ALG) in the Caribbean have been hard at work in 2012.

Helping SMEs to drive the green economy: 
Building on the green economy dialogue process of the last three years, the GE ALG established a working group focused on role of Small and Micro Enterprises (SMEs) in the transition to greener economies. Seventeen leaders from small businesses and support agencies come together to share practical and research knowledge. Together, they have examined the characteristics of SMEs that make them suitable engines of green economic development (see their latest Policy Brief) and have identified 10 actions that SMEs can take to bring economic benefits, environmental sustainability and social equity. (See overview of the working group's activities)
Supporting the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB): The GE ALG members prepared an overview of the opportunities for renewable energy to support a green economic transition in the Caribbean for their regional development bank. The analysis looked at the policy requirements for greening key sectors through renewable energy and the socio-economic impacts of this. 

An action learning agenda: For an overview of all of the GE ALG’s recent activities and policy discussions, check out the Caribbean Country Report (IIED and CANARI). It pulls together background papers from GE ALG members, revealing diverse regional, national, local and sector perspectives on green economy progress, needs and prospects. Their proposed ‘action learning’ agenda aims to evolve green economy pathways in three priority areas: SMEs; ‘triple bottom line’ reporting across public and private sectors; and multi-stakeholder mechanisms for developing green economy policy.

For more background on the Caribbean dialogue process see below, or contact Nicole Leotaud, Executive Director of CANARI.  

Background: CANARI has been running its Caribbean green economy programme - in partnership with IIED and the GEC - since 2010 when it hosted a regional dialogue exploring the meaning of a green economy (see Caribbean Dialogue - a short paper). As part of this work, CANARI established the Caribbean Green Economy Action Learning Group (GE ALG) in May 2012. Members are development professionals and academics from across the English, French and Spanish-speaking islands of the Caribbean, who all come together to identify and promote green economy approaches to sustainable development in the Caribbean. The GE ALG acts as a regional knowledge network that can inform and advise on national and regional policy and practice initiatives to transform economic development in the Caribbean.


Photo by Ishan @seefromthesky on Unsplash

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