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April newsletter: Ukraine, COVID, climate

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By Ben Martin GEC · 05th April, 2022
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The Russian invasion of Ukraine has thrown us into a new geopolitical reality. Energy prices are spiking, markets are jittery, and stretched supply chains threaten shortages in everything from gas to grain.

And as the publication yesterday of the IPCC's mammoth climate action report makes clear: we can prevent disastrous climate breakdown, quickly, cheaply and at scale. But the window to do so is almost closed, and our politics, economics and power structures are holding us back.

In these uncertain times, the need for an inclusive, sustainable and secure green economic transition is stronger than ever, built around a green and inclusive recovery from COVID-19, and a new social contract between governments and citizens.

We cannot go back to the world as it was before - dependent on foreign fossil fuels, tolerant of corruption and oligarchy, ignorant of ordinary people's needs. Something new is needed. In partnership with our coalition and in solidarity with Ukraine, we are calling for a green and fair recovery from COVID and war, where no one is left behind.

Our focus is now the UN Stockholm+50 conference in June, where we will be pushing for the world to move beyond the rhetoric of sustainable development to embrace true economic transformation. Take a look at our green recovery workand let us know your thoughts.

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