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Tracking transition: The Green Economy Tracker
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South Africa

South Africa is showing all the signs of taking on the green growth challenge. Back in 2010 the Department of Environmental Affairs convened a Green Economy Strategy Summit to gather insights on key focus areas for a green economy. In 2011, following a social dialogue with labour groups, civil society and business, the Ministry of Economics developed a government wide Green Economy Accord, an ambitious set of commitments for greening the economy.

The South African government is working with UN-PAGE to develop its national approach to green growth. The national development bank and Ministry for the Environment has also set up a country based Green Growth Fund to support the transition.

But how are all of these initiatives hitting the ground? To what extent is green growth investment reaching the poorest? What does it mean for small and informal businesses?

A national conversation

Our partners, TIPS, are consulting far and wide to understand what this transition means to people in South Africa. Together they are:

  • Championing small and informal businesses, community groups and entrepreneurs, and helping them to connect and share their experiences on green growth opportunities.
  • Leading the debate on the issues that matter the most to local and community groups: tackling inequality; creating jobs for young people; holding big companies to account.
  • Conducting research into the green policy opportunities - from trade and investment, to energy and infrastructure - that help the poorest.
  • Developing on and off line conversations on what the South African journey to a green economy looks like.
Profile Picture G  Montmasson Clair December 2016

“The transition to sustainability is not an environmental issue but a socio-economic challenge which has ramification at all levels of economic development.”

Gaylor Montmasson-Clair

Senior Economist, Trade and Industrial Policy Strategies (TIPS)

Meet our partners:

Meet our partners

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