Green economic sectors

A green economy is one that founded on green economic services and industries that provide decent work and stable employment prospects. Our coalition members share their thinking on how to green economic sectors below. To respond to these articles just click on the comment boxes.

April, 2017
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What does 'clean innovation' mean for Canada?

Chris Hopkins - Green Economy Coalition

The world is facing unprecedented and growing environmental challenges. At the same time, the pace of technological change to address those challenges is accelerating, offering both environmental solutions and economic opportunities.

Nations and businesses are seeking new ways of generating economic growth that put less strain on the planet. Achieving this means accelerating clean innovation – that is, new technologies, products and business practices that improve environmental performance.

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December, 2016

Will green growth spell the end of capitalism?

Jon Duncan - Old Mutual

Scientists tell us that earth is overshooting its planetary boundaries at a rate far quicker than the average person would believe. This situation becomes rapidly compounded by the significant challenges of population growth, urbanisation, unemployment and rising socioeconomic inequality. To complicate things further, the most rapid change is occurring in those parts of the world with the least resources and capacity to manage these effects.

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November, 2016
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Can the steel industry ever go green?

Chris Beauman

The Steel industry is one of the major contributors to global CO2 manmade emissions - about 2.75Gt, or 6-7% of the total. Cement is not far behind. These two sectors are the giant emitters, way ahead of other industrial sectors.  They are, of course, dwarfed by the power sector and the automotive sector, but together the two are a very important part of the CO2 problem.

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October, 2016
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GE in brief: Swiss vote down Green Economy proposal

Chris Hopkins - Green Economy Coalition

On 25th September 2016, Switzerland become the first country to explicitly vote on whether to implement green economy policies.

What was proposed?

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March, 2016

The Greening of Paris: The Leading Inclusive and Sustainable City

Cem Bektas - Green Economy Coalition

More than half of the world’s population already live in cities and it is projected that by 2050 this figure will rise to around 70%. The cities alone also account for more than 70% of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions, demonstrating the importance cities must have in the greening of our planet. COP21 proved to be an influential platform for cities around the world to make their voices heard.... Continue reading

January, 2016

Sustainability - Making it personal

Green Economy Coalition

The WBCSD’s 'Vision 2050' calls for a new agenda for business laying out a pathway to a world in which nine billion people can live well, and within the planet’s resources, by mid-century.

Telling a story of personal growth and corporate transformation, 'Personal and Organizational Transformation Towards Sustainability: Walking a Twin-Path' provides insights and tools for anyone interested in driving this sustainable development agenda within their organizations and in their own lives.

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December, 2015

Senegal hosts the first 'PAGE Week' in support of local green economy

Cem Bektas - Green Economy Coalition

The UN Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) held its first edition of PAGE Week on 17-18 November 2015 with the main aim of providing a platform for exchange and sharing experiences on the transition to a green economy in Senegal.

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August, 2015
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OECD sees incremental progress in latest green growth report

Chris Hopkins - Green Economy Coalition

Released last week, the OECD’s latest green growth report, “Towards Green Growth? Tracking Progress”, outlines progress towards meeting the green growth triad – productivity, inclusivity, and greening.

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July, 2015

Has China’s green transformation begun?

Sam Geall - China Dialogue

What is China’s position at the climate talks? What does that position mean for the country and for climate? Ask anyone following the UN-led climate negotiations and you will quickly realize these are some of the most keenly watched questions.

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May, 2015
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BRICS discuss road map towards green economies

Green Economy Coalition

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