The Green Economy Coalition Global Meeting 2017

Trinidad, 1st - 3rd November 2017


For the transition to green economies to to to scale it needs to be owned and driven by small entrepreneurs and local businesses. Yet governments and institutions find it notoriously difficult to reach smaller enterprises. 

For our 2017 Global Meeting, the Green Economy Coalition (GEC) is pleased to be partnering with the Caribbean Natural Resources Institute (CANARI), 1 - 3rd November, in the Port of Spain, Trinidad.  The meeting will focus on how to support green enterprises so they can drive the transition to inclusive green economies.  

Bringing together our members, national hubs, local partners and international organisations working on the agenda, participants will have the opportunity to

  • Hear real life insights from green entrepreneurs and small business in the Caribbean
  • Share and examine the evidence around different policy approaches supporting smaller business in the transition to greener economies
  • Track the status of the transition to green economies at the local and global level 

The meeting will also provide input into a paper on scaling up local green enterprises and developing a global action agenda being developed by the Poverty Environment Partnership (PEP). 

If you're interested in attending do get in touch. 

The GEC Global Meeting is being supported by the European Commission.