Governance and measurement

Improving governance and measurement – measuring what matters: Green economic governance will redefine progress in light of environmental and societal needs; and make governments, businesses and people more accountable for their actions.

June, 2017

The revolution that Trump’s decision will not stop

Ben Martin - Green Economy Coalition

You could be forgiven for feeling a little melancholy this World Environment Day. Coming so soon after President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, and with the natural world under threat as never before, what was supposed to be a festive “reconnecting with nature” is in danger of feeling like a last visit to the bedside of a dying relative.

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April, 2017
dev alt sikkim sdgs.jpg

Big ambitions: A small Indian state takes on the Global Goals

Tarang Singh - Development Alternatives

The Indian state of Sikkim in the foothills of the Himalayas may be small but it has big ambitions. This year, the state will introduce a new law to ensure that its development planning and citizen’s behaviour contributes to the SDGs.

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January, 2017

Better Business, Better World

Chris Hopkins - Green Economy Coalition

Sustainable business models could open economic opportunities worth up to US$12 trillion and add up 380 million jobs by 2030. Putting the Sustainable Development Goals, or Global Goals, at the heart of the world’s economic strategy could unleash a step-change in growth and productivity, with an investment boom in sustainable infrastructure as a critical driver.

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November, 2016
MED title page.jpg

STUDY: How is the Green Economy faring in the Mediterranean?

Chris Hopkins - Green Economy Coalition

As part of a civil society initiative to support the transition towards a green and fair economy in the Mediterranean, the study examined existing publically available GE/SD strategies and the perceptions of key Green Economy and Sustainability practitioners across the region.

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July, 2016
MWM cover_GEC.jpg

MWM Report - Global Goals that work: For business, government and people

Emily Benson - Green Economy Coalition

The report describes how the SDGs offer an opportunity – not just as an innovation map for markets, but as a dashboard of indicators to monitor macro trends, opportunities and risks that face our global systems.

In an increasing interconnected world where issues such as climate change, biodiversity loss, rising inequality pose multiple risks, the SDG framework can become a powerful strategic tool for identifying the connections between compounding risks and opportunities.

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June, 2016
solar engineers SB.jpg

The basis for climate-friendly prosperity

Steve Bass - IIED

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May, 2016

SDG challenges - What does universality really mean?

Mark Halle - IISD

It is common in presentations of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to stress that, unlike the Millennium Development Goals, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are “universal.”  The primary meaning is that the goals are intended to apply equally to all countries, not simply the developing and emerging economies. Thus countries like Switzerland or Canada have, in adopting the 2030 Agenda, have solemnly undertaken to attain the SDG goals and targets by the 2030 deadline. In some cases, the undertakings are pro forma.... Continue reading

November, 2015
UNGC accenture a call to climate action.jpg

A call to climate action as CEOs press for a strong Paris agreement

Green Economy Coalition

A majority of business leaders say that a long term agreement at the UN climate summit (COP21) in Paris is critical to supporting private sector investment in low carbon solutions, according to a global study by the United Nations Global Compact and Accenture.

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October, 2015

The SDGs speak and we like what we hear

Ina Porras - IIED

It is not unusual to hear good ideas on what to do, or not to do, about climate change. The surprise comes when you feel they make sense.

This is the case with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the 17 massive goals signed by the United Nations in New York. They speak big and they speak fair: end poverty, reduce inequality, better jobs, and clean up our environment are just some of these goals…

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October, 2015
pope SDG.jpg

Frankly Speaking: The Pope, the Summit, and Altering Course

Steven Stone - UNEP

Big, bold, vibrant - New York City is nothing if not an exciting epicenter of thought and action, and never more so than the weekend of September 25-27, when over 100 Heads of State gathered to celebrate and formally adopt the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the United Nations (UN) Summit.

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