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Finance to Citizens

Our partners at FinanceWatch have published a major new report calling for fundamental changes to the international financial system, in order to counter its ever-growing dominance of political and social life, and to build an accountable, responsible finance for all citizens.

Evidence of direct links between the current tsunami of financialization and the worldwide increase of inequalities, environmental pressure or democratic denial are multiple. Yet, #10YearsOn from the worst financial crisis of modern history, the tide is turning. Our politicians, in a desperate (and doomed) quest for competitiveness are begging for international investments and deregulating finance at the cost of their public wealth. The rating agencies have become conductors of western public policies.

With this report - produced together with Caritas France - finance is no longer an expert-only, inaccessible topic. Non-specialist civil society is appropriating the questions of finance and joining the fight. More importantly, citizens are able to do something about it. Finance Watch is proud to have participated in the creation of this document and will relay its analysis, mobilisation tools and outcomes in the coming months. We strongly encourage other civil society organisations across Europe to follow Caritas France’s tracks and add to their weaponry the financial regulation side of their own fights. Finance Watch and its European network of partners, including the Green Economy Coalition, is ready to help to make it happen and carry the outcomes of such efforts before EU regulatory institutions.

The report’s executive summary is also available, as is the list of recommendations.

Published 21st Jun 2018
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